Hello dear Visitors,

We would like to welcome you on our new and improved web page.

As you probably already know, this web age and our complete work is dedicated to organising annual memorial races under the name The Run For Freedom which have a goal of honoring the American Soldiers. We have this great and big event once a year and it conists of the 5K race which is USATF distance-certified and will feature electronic chip timing provided by The End Result Company. The roads this race is passing will be closed for the afternoon so everyone can hav a peaceful and enjoyable memorial run.  If you get thirsty during the race, we are glad to inform you there’s a water station on the half of the run with our lovely volunteers there to assist you. We also have the 2 mile walk the very same day. It will start (and finish) the same place as the run but it will take place along the Mississinewa River through the Matter Park. Those who want to walk the memorial will not be timed.

A shot from our last year’s Race for freeedom where you can see the great number of people participating.

What’s with all the kids that would like to participate in our run as well? We inform you that we organise the Free kids fun run as wall. It is also taking place on the same spot and in the same time as our regular 5K race and 2 miles walk. So, this is a perfect opportunity for a healthy and fun family gathering in nature! Butm keeo in mind that every underaged kid needs to have the permission to run signed by at least one of the parents. We prepared some fun gifts for all the kids that finish the 1/2 of a mile race.

This year, we will film our annual race and use the shots to film a part of the documentary about the American Soldiers. That’s why all the participants will have to sign the permission that the organisators can  use the videos shot during the race for the new film. The race (as well as the walk and the kids race) will be filmed with cameras, so our movie crew will also be there with you. But, in order to get the best shots possible, we will also use $500 drones which will help us get the perfect view of the scene. Our drones are perfectly reliable and professional. We even think it would be fun to have some drones fly be as wel, don’t you?

After the movie is filmed, and the scenes from the race are cut and montaged, we will let you know about how it turned out here, on this very web page.

Please note that you can apply for the race only by contacting Us via web page at the moment. Later, you’ll be able to fill out the form and bring it to us in person, but this is not possible to do at the moment since our staff is out of office for the vacation days.

A scenic Matter Park where the 5k race and 2 miles walk take place every year.

Race History

The first Run For Freedom has taken place in 2008 shortly after SFC Collin J. Bowen was injured by a bomb in Afghanistan.  Shortly after, his friends and supporters of Sergeant Bowen and his family banded together to raise money to help support the family.

Sadly, SFC Bowen lost his fight and didn’t make the fight and died to horrendeous injuries on March 14, 2008.  But the lovely volunteers from Grant County decided to organize the “Collin Bowen Run” in May of that year.  The Bowen family attended the first run, and were amazed and touched by how generous and kind their comuunity is. The “real” Run for freedom as we know it today was actually born in 2009. when it got the name it has today. Many people still run the race proudly just like the first year.  Bowen’s family still comes to annual races, proud of their community, their friends and all the supporters of this wonderful events.

We invite you to join us this year and become a part of something big. You can choose between walking and running the race. Don’t forget to apply on our web page!